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Chauntel is a Dating and Development Coach who has been giving dating and relationship advice via youtube and her written blog for the last 4.5 years.

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Chauntel’s Brief Autobiography:

It is my love and passion for helping people that drew me into my psychology major. I began performing as a little girl singing songs during church services. If you gave me a mic I was happy.

I believe my passion for singing stems from the meaning of my name. Chauntel, spelled traditionally as Chantal, means “the singer” in French. The performer in me continued to be present as I went throughout junior high and high school. I performed in every talent and fashion show I could find.

There were two significant experiences in junior high that encouraged me to begin the advice column.

1) I volunteered a few of my lunches to read to children in the special education classes. Although they could not respond to me verbally I felt good knowing that they enjoyed the time I spent reading to them.

2. I have always enjoyed writing. Therefore, in the 8th grade I became a part of the newsletter staff. We had a Dear Abby section of the newsletter. I enjoyed this experience so much that I decided that I would like to start my own advice column.

The next question I had to ask myself was how?

I entered college as a psychology major, with the intentions of becoming a clinical psychologist. However, I was actively searching for a way to get in front of the camera.

With my curiosity and interest in writing. I began to search for another major that would capitalize on my strengths and meet my passion.

Through my search of finding a balance between my passion for helping others, and seeking a place in the entertainment industry. I found my communications major. There is something about the entertainment industry that always intrigued me.

Therefore, Psychology and Communications became the perfect marriage for me.

I recently earned my Masters Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. This will provide me with the opportunity to sharpen the skills that I am seeking in the field of psychology in coming years.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.




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