YouTube Master-course – Complete Training to Building a YouTube Brand that Matters *

Learn to position yourself to stand out with online video using YouTube, by mastering the art of branding to get more views and subscribers, sooner.


Enrollment Process

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Branding Master-Course Information

In this personalized, 6-week-master-course, Build a YouTube Brand that Matters, I teach you how to create a niche brand on YouTube that will stand out so that your channel can reach some of the 4 billion views per day in YouTube viewership.

Your audience is on the YouTube platform. Let me show you how to be discoverable so they can find you, and you can reach them in a way that no one else can. Your gift is unique and cannot be replaced or fulfilled by someone else. If you don’t know how to brand and market your channel, then you will never reach the audience you were meant for. You were made for this, so let’s do it!

This course includes:

  • 6 weeks of training – complete at your own pace
  • lecture and practicum – put what you learned into practice
  • 8 downloads – Branding Master-Kit Materials – $99 value
  • access to over 200 links to branding, video, & home office tools, gadgets, & resources
  • lifetime access to course materials
  • 2 year access to course lectures

You’ll learn:

  • learn to develop and grow your brand on YouTube
  • learn how to find your niche on YouTube
  • learn how to find competitive content topics
  • learn how to title, tag, write descriptions, and rank your YouTube videos
  • develop your YouTube brand
  • learn to find your audience & hook them
  • learn gear and how to use it for best video/audio quality
  • learn to be great on air
  • learn to market and brand yourself  & be discoverable
  • learn basics of editing

What you can expect to accomplish:

  • launching or re-launching your YouTube Channel with branded videos
  • completion of the Branding Master-Kit materials, great start to your business plan

What’s required?

  • about 20 minutes a day for 6-weeks, weekdays
  • may complete in week
  • learn from the success of other YouTube brands
  • editing device and software
  • gmail account
  • camera- may be your smartphone

What does it cost?

  • course price is $99, ENROLL TODAY!

Why learn from me?

I am a lifestyle and mommy vlogger who began YouTube not knowing who I am as a brand. For years, I pulled myself apart trying to find my way. Struggling within myself made me take a step back and I discovered what matters to me. After all of these years of introspection and overwhelm, I began to design a brand that truly matters to me. This is allowing me to finally reach the audience I was meant for. My dream is to help you do the same, so enroll in my YouTube Branding Master-class today!

Learn from my 15+ years, 5,700+ subscribers, 1.4 million-minutes-of watch time, and over 100K views on YouTube. I cannot wait to get your started, or help with the re-branding of your existing channel. Let’s GO!!

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