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Click here for my latest free content via Blog Posts! The offer below is exclusive, and not offered on the blog! It is my free Mini Course, The Top 5 Mistakes that New YouTubers Make, info below!

Free Mini Course - Top 10 Mistakes New YouTubers MakeIn this course I outline my experience as a YouTube Guru with over 10 years of experience on the platform. I am a small YouTuber who has tried it all, learn from someone else’s mistakes so that you can grow your channel faster, sooner.

My personal channel “Ask Chauntel”, is an Advice Column where I give advice to young women and new moms on love, fashion, faith, and family. Ask Chauntel has nearly 900K views, and the channel has over 4.6K subscribers.

With over 60 hours of video content uploaded per minute, and 4 billion video views per day, it is easy to get lost in all of the noise as a new YouTuber. How do you set your channel apart? Save yourself the hassle and get it right from the beginning! You must do so strategically. So what mistakes should you avoid? Let’s get into it so that you can grow a high quality brand faster and do so with more viewers from the beginning!

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