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My name is Chauntél Delgado, and I am Video Coach, Brand Strategist and Organizational Development Consultant for female entrepreneurs.

Video Coach

I help mom blogs and the girl boss to start using online video through YouTube and other social media to grow their business and brand to do more of what they love, sooner.

Check out all of the meaningful content below and on the blog. There are a number of ways that you can get involved, Jewel.

YouTube Mini-Course

Producing unique content can be so creatively fulfilling. However, if you do not know how to brand and market your YouTube channel, then you will not reach the audience that you were meant for. Don’t allow your videos to fall through the cracks. Learn the mistakes to avoid when building your YouTube channel.


Brand Identity Chart

It is still possible to make your mark on YouTube and stand out on the platform. If you want to begin strategically building a brand identity that will set you apart, then start here.


Join Savvy Social Jewels & Jewel News

This is a community of support for women just like you who are ready to build a business and a brand that they love with online video. It also provides support of the personal challenges that we face in life, motherhood, and female entrepreneurship. Becoming a Jewel will also help you, stay-up to date on the valuable content Chauntel has for you!


YouTube Master-course

It may seem daunting to stand apart on YouTube with over 60-hours of video content uploaded per minute, and 4 billion video views per day. However, with the right tools, knowledge, and information you have the ability to build a solid brand that is unique! Learn from my 10 years, 4,800+ subscribers, 1.4million minutes of watch-time, and 975K views.


Here are a collection of links for you mompreneur and girl boss. Feel free to use these tools and resources if you want to  brand yourself with online video. These Linkables are shared in my free YouTube Training videos as well as my exclusive YouTube Branding Master-course, Business Class, Build a YouTube Brand that Matters. 

YouTube Channel Review

If you are stumped about why you are not getting more views and subscribers, and you want to know what you need to do to get your channel on the right track, then sign-up for a Channel Review! Let’s select the option that will best assist your channel in getting out of a rut and moving toward your goals!


Work with Me

We have a monthly one hour live group chat that I lead where you can connect with other Jewels. I also provide one-on-one coaching through email. I have been in the trenches of YouTube for 10-years, and I am here to help you develop a brand that matters with online video so that you can do more of what you love, sooner. Let’s avoid common pitfalls that new YouTubers make and start your channel off right, from the beginning.


My Latest YouTube Videos

See my advice in action on my YouTube channel where I produce free content for my subscribers. If you enjoy my free content just imagine how much value you will get out of my master-course, coaching and consulting. I would love to have you apart!