Diamond Package

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Diamond package information

  • $629.86, $999.86 (total of $370 off)
  • 1- Youtube Branding Master-course – $159.99, , $199.99,  $40 off
  • 2- Channel Audit ($109.99), 139.99, $30 off
  • 3- Email Coaching – $39.99, $69.99, (for 6 months – $239.94), $180.00 off
  • 4- Savvy Social Jewel Group Coaching $19.99, $39.99 (for 6 months – $119.94), $120 off
  • Build a YouTube Brand That Matters Master-Course
    • includes Branding Master-Kit included($99 value)
    • 6-week training, complete at your own pace
    • 20 min a day or less commitment
      • lecture, reflection, course work
    • go from beginner or intermediate level YouTube Branding Knowledge to Advanced Level YouTube Branding Knowledge
    • learn YouTube branding and marketing from a fellow mompreneur who has been vlogging on YouTube for over 10 years in the trenches, 4,800+ subscribers
    • gain access to nearly 200 links to resources, equipment and gadgets (designed to help you build your brand and even home office)
    • launch and re-launch your channel up on completion
    • + more, click HERE for more complete details of Master-course
  • Channel Review Audit
    • recommended for channels with 20 videos or more
    • includes 2 to 4 hour detailed analysis and Commentary Report
    • goes beyond Channel Check-up, includes detailed analysis of your YouTube Studio Beta Analysis
    • get a new set of analytical eyes on your content
    • will take a look at your YouTube Channel’s best and worst practices
    • advice to grow your channel and your brand with online video based on our findings
  • Email Coaching
    • access to Private Facebook Group
    • access to each of the Brand Tool Kit Materials (with 6 month enrollment)
    • coincides well with other training and services, but can stand alone
    • more specific guidance in building channel’s views, subscribers, community
    • option best for more 1-on-1  Q&A
    • option great for those unavailable for Live SSJ Mentoring Group meetings
    • includes 4 email Q&A responses
      • in addition to advice & information provided directly from Chauntel
    • recommended that you enroll for 6 month support
      • get access to monthly scheduled curriculum
      • take advantage of cost savings
    • option to enroll monthly
  • Savvy Social Jewel Mentoring Group Coaching
    • access to Private Facebook Group
    • 1 Hour Group Live Group Chat, Q&A with Chauntel
    • cover frequent challenges that Beginner to Intermediate Level YouTubers face
      • concerning increasing views and subscribers, and building a solid community
    • recommended that you enroll for 6 month support
      • this way you don’t miss out on the monthly scheduled curriculum, or cost savings
    • there is an option to enroll monthly
    • recorded play back will be provided
    • great way to build community
    • support and feedback from other YouTubers group meeting times will provided here

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